DXN Engineering and Supply Co., Ltd. provie both engineering services and high quality products that range from traditional machine vison to high-end infrared hardware and engineering solution. Our extensive experiences in automation and machine vision will help you succeed in implementing any critical infrared-based system.

Steel, glass and advanced manufacturing process

Vision-based robot applications

Motor, gear and motion controller
We also customize software for machine vision solution


> Active Thermography for non-contact NDT

> Infrared Technology for Glass Manufacturing

> Automated Welding

> Gervo Motor and Gear

> Industrial Machine Vision Camera

Latest news


Our partners provide the best technology in their field. We will keep update news and new technology development.

New portable high-temperature pyrometers prove their worth in the glass and metal industry.

In 2016, DIAS Infrared launched three new, innovative radiation thermometers called PYROSPOT Series 80 portable.

Fixed thermal imaging systems PYROINC visualize process and plant conditions in combustion chambers.

Temperature measurements in a harsh industrial environment, for example in glass melting or in rotary kilns, present huge challenges for the measurement technology used.


More speed for thermographic cameras with MCT detector.

A special high-speed configuration increases the range of applications of the camera series ImageIR ® 8300 InfraTec has further developed the high-end series ImageIR ® 8300 with detectors based on mercury cadmium telluride (MCT) and thus supports the search for a diverse range of products.


Authorized distributor

DXN Engineering and Supply Co., Ltd. has been appointed as an exclusive authorized distributor of DIAS Infrared GmbH in Thailand.

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DXN Engineering and Supply Co., Ltd. is now an authorized distributor of InfraTec GmbH products in Thailand.

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DXN Engineering and Supply Co., Ltd. is now an authorized distributor of Marshell Electronics USA.

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